A Home For Christmas (2)'
Season 3, Episode 25
3.25 - A Home for Christmas (2)
Air date December 14, 1991
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A Home For Christmas (1)


Mystery Weekend

A Home For Christmas (2) is the twenty fifth episode of season three of Saved by the Bell.


Zack discovers the true identity of the homeless girl, Laura, and her boss accuses her of stealing a sports coat. This leads to her being fired from her job, prompting the gang to persuade her boss to let her come back. Her boss apologizes by giving her father the sports coat. Zack and his mom let Laura and her dad (Frank) stay until he can find a job.

Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Melody Rogers as Mrs. Melanie Morris
  • Stephen Mendel as Frank Benton
  • Jennifer McComb as Laura Benton
  • Lew Horn as Mr. Moody



This is Dennis Haskins twelfth absence



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