Summary: Originally planned to be the first of a two part series, Kelly and Zack find the answer key for the big physics test. Uh oh! What to do? Typical to his character, Zack didn't study, while Kelly is in hot competition with Sarah Lo, an Asian, for highest GPA. Will the duo do what's right and turn the key over to Professor Clumly, or will they go ahead and get those A's?

Quotes: "My grandmother told me to keep my fingers crossed around Asians, or their very presence will curse you." - Kelly

"I know what you mean, Kelly. I'm intimated by Asian professors in my department." - Prof. Clumly

"Are you guys talking about Asians?" - Zack

"Friend-zoning is illegal in Singapore!" -Screech

Fun Fact: This episode marked the beginning of Dustin Diamond's diaper phase

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