Blind Dates'
Season 2, Episode 6
2.06 - Blind Dates
Air date October 13, 1990
Written by Bob Colleary
Directed by Don Barnhart
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Blind Dates is the sixth episode of season two of Saved by the Bell.


Mr. Belding's niece Penny is in town, and he forces Zack to take her out. Zack, however, wants to attend Kelly's party instead, so he makes Screech pretend to be him and take Penny out. Meanwhile, Lisa finds a date for Jessie, but Jessie is too self-conscious about her height compared to her date to have a good time. Slater begins dating a blind girl named Wendy.

Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • I.M. Hobson as Mr. Hudson
  • Timothy Williams as Brett
  • Jodi Peterson as Penny Belding


"Hey, look carefully because this magic trick is very complicated"- Slater

"I'm blind Slater, what part of being blind don't you understand?"- Wendy

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