Katie Peterson is a fictional character in the tv series, Saved by the Bell: The New Class. She was portrayed by Lindsey McKeon.


  • Katie, along with Nicky Farina and Eric Little enrolled in Bayside in season 4, following the departures of Tommy D, Lindsay, and R.J.
  • Katie had an on/off relationship with Nicky.
  • Katie's older sister, Robin is also a Bayside graduate.
  • Like Jessie Spano and Megan Jones, Katie is also the smartest girl in school.
  • Katie's Arthurian archetype is similar to that of Morgan le Fey, though mostly relying on earlier accounts of her being an enchantress/sorceress, she also incorporates accounts of her caring for the fatally wounded once and future king Belding.
  • She took painkillers when she injured her shoulder.

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