Save That Tiger'
Season 1, Episode 16
1.16 - Save That Tiger
Air date December 16, 1989
Written by Brett Dewey,
Ronald B. Solomon
Directed by Don Barnhart
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Save That Tiger is the sixteenth episode of season one of Saved by the Bell.


Zack and Slater are involved in the annual prank war against Valley, which takes place the same time as the big cheerleading competition between the schools. Screech is the Bayside mascot and has an important part in Bayside's routine. However, after Zack and Slater kidnap Valley's mascot, two students from Valley kidnap Screech. Fortunately, their plan is ruined when the fake mascot ends up winning the competition for Bayside.


Despite Mr. Belding's warning for Zack and Slater to behave themselves, they're locked in a notorious prank war against two Valley High students and cousins, Stan and Dan Clegg on the day of the annual cheerleading competitions with the other schools. The winner of the prank war as well as the cheerleading competition, will have bragging rights which Slater and Zack want to keep from the Clegg cousins.

During that time, Kelly and Lisa convinces Jessie to join the cheerleading squad since she knows most of the routines. Her feminist side clashes with the other squad when it comes times to create a new routine. Eventually, Jessie helps them create a new routine to help Bayside win the competition.

At Bayside, the prank war has escalated after the Clegg cousins trash Bayside from a previous prank. In spite of getting Mr. Stingwell to agree to end the prank war(though it's likely he won't), Zack and Slater steals the Valley mascot, the bulldog in retaliation. Using the moment to take a picture of Mr. Belding, the cheerleaders, along with Screech(in the tiger mascot costume) and the bulldog. Stan and Dan retaliates further by kidnapping Screech. Mr. Belding finds out that Zack and Slater had continued the prank war and orders them to return the dog at once.

Dan has an ace up his sleeves and instead will pose as the tiger to screw up the routine for Bayside High. After the mascots were returned, Zack and Slater senses something awry. This is later proven true when Screech arrives in the school and revealed the Clegg cousins' plan to humiliate Bayside. Thinking fast Zack and Slater secretly put fleas in the costume and with that Dan's folly helps win the cheerleading competition for Bayside. Zack and Slater uses this to expose the Dan and his cousin, Stan as the perpetrators behind Screech's kidnapping and wanted to ruin Bayside's chances of winning the competition. Mr. Stingwell later shows up to collect the Clegg cousins to face proper punishment. Bayside wins both the competition and prank war bragging rights.

Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Ed Alonzo as Max
  • Ronnie Schell as Elliot Stingwell
  • Mark Clayman as Stan Clegg
  • William Joseph Barker as Edgar Poindexter
  • C.W. Hemingway as Dan Clegg
  • Kirsten Holmquist as Rhonda Robistelli
  • Ron Reedy as Student



Near the end, this was the only time Stingwell was taking his job seriously as principal.

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