Zack's War'
Season 2, Episode 2
2.02 - Zack's War
Air date September 15, 1990
Written by Sam Greenbaum
Directed by Don Barnhart
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The Prom


Save the Max

Zack's War is the second episode of season two of Saved by the Bell.


In order to make Zack change his ways, Mr. Belding forces Zack to join the Army Cadet Corps. Zack manages to persuade the others to join him, but he leaves them high and dry when they are not prepared for a competition. Will Zack change his mind and help out his team before it is too late?

Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Cylk Cozart as Lt. Chet Adams
  • Lara Lyon as Louise
  • Dylan Tucker as Butch
  • Dion Zamora as Alan Fairbanks



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